That’s my newest mantra for new divorce clients. It sounds funny at first, and I’ve received varied reactions to the instructions, but at the end of the day, these three things can change the course of a divorce case.

Dating Websites

Divorce is often a long and lonely process. Getting used to coming home to an empty house and an empty bed is hard. Divorce litigation often leaves the spouses emotionally frayed and in desperate need of comfort – in the form of a hot new date.

We’re separated so why isn’t it allright[ for me to look for a boyfriend?

Dating norms have changed a lot on the internet.  Online dating websites are common now, so get used to new online dating words like “ghosting.”  Clients say, “We are separated, so why isn’t it all right for me to look for a boyfriend?”  or “In my heart, we’re divorced.”  What matters is:  the law says that in Texas you are married until you are divorced

Adultery is sex, intimate fondling, or as I like to call it, “Bill Clinton Sex.” And it’s adultery even if you’re separated.  So, don’t advertise your adultery considerations by creating an online profile, and by dating prior to your divorce is final.  Final means the judge has signed your divorce decree.

Social Media

I love Facebook stalking…uh… I mean looking at posts of my friend’s children and pets. I don’t like looking at their posts about their family law, criminal or tax case – basically any legal case. And, if I can see your Facebook then your spouse can see it too – and so can their attorney.

 Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Remember, “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” It’s not any different in a family law or divorce case. Those photos of you kissing your new boyfriend, your check-in at a casino, bar, or strip joint are not going to be helpful to you in your divorce case. Ranting about your soon-to-be-ex on social media, posting photos of what he/she did to your child, or photos of you drunk in a bathroom are probably not going to contribute to a successful outcome.

 Keep it G-rated…

If you think blocking your soon-to-be-ex on Facebook or Instagram will remedy the situation, think again. Smart lawyers are going to ask for your social media history in the discovery process. And you never know whose friend of a friend of a sister is going to go snooping into your social media. So keep it G-rated. And don’t talk about your divorce or family law case online.


Need I say more? Just don’t hire hookers. For the obvious reasons of course – sexually transmitted diseases, illegality, exploitation of women/men/children, but also because the money you spend on a prostitute can be considered fraud on the community estate.

The Court can reconstitute the estate, which means, the money spent is added back into the community estate. Then when the estate is divided, the amount of money spent on prostitutes is deducted from John’s amount of the community property.

Although Texas is a no-fault divorce state, the Court can find grounds for a divorce — and adultery can be one of those grounds. Adultery can also lead to the innocent spouse is eligible to receive a disproportionate amount of the community estate – more than 50%. Reconstituting an estate coupled with a disproportionate amount of the community property means that John could be dealt a hefty financial blow.

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