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How Does Adultery Affect Divorce in Texas

How Does Adultery Affect Divorce in Texas

There are two parts to a divorce case - child custody and property division. Adultery can affect both, but it does not always affect the outcome of a case. Clients frequently ask me if they can get sole custody because their spouse has committed adultery. The answer...

What to Expect From Your Divorce Attorney

Choosing The Right Divorce Attorney Requires Thought Whether you’re the one who initiates a divorce proceeding or the spouse being served with divorce papers, it’s important to find a family law attorney who you trust. When searching for the right attorney it’s...

No Dating Websites, Social Media, or Hookers

That’s my newest mantra for new divorce clients. It sounds funny at first, and I’ve received varied reactions to the instructions, but at the end of the day, these three things can change the course of a divorce case. Dating Websites Divorce is often a long and lonely...

So you’ve decided you need a divorce, now what?

For many people, the decision of whether to divorce is an all-encompassing one. A process that hi-jacks not just your emotions but often the ability to think clearly as well. Many times spouses want the process to “just-be-over-with” once the decision to divorce is...

Reaffirming Justice in a Child Support Enforcement

What should be done with a deadbeat parent who refuses to pay child support? I’m not talking about a parent who has fallen on hard times. I’m referring to that control-freak parent who was probably mentally and/or physically abusive during the relationship. And now...

Divorce and Finances – 6 Tips for Women

Today, I’m sharing an article from Forbes magazine, “Six Must-Do Financial Steps for Women Facing Divorce.” This article was written by Jeff Landers of Bedrock Divorce Advisors in 2011. The advice that Mr. Landers provides is sound, relevant, and still helpful today....

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