Rachel Li Receives Board Certification in Family Law

Rachel Li, attorney at Li Family Law Group, recently became board certified in Family Law.

 (PLANO, TX, March 1, 2020) Rachel Li recently became board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) in Family Law. Earning this distinctive accomplishment is no easy task and sets Li Family Law Group apart from others in the field.

“It’s an honor to become Board Certified in Family Law and to join an elite group of attorneys who uphold the highest commitment of excellence in their respective fields,” said Rachel Li. “This certification is a validation of my hard work and my persistence to continue to grow as a lawyer.”

TBLS is one of the largest legal board certification programs in the country and allows Texas attorneys to advance their careers; however, of the more than 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice in Texas, only 7,400 have gone through the rigorous process of board certification.

“I decided to practice family law because I wanted to help people at a personal level,” said Li. “I was adopted by an American couple as an infant, so I understand firsthand the joys and sorrows of adoption. My parents later divorced when I was a teenager and it was awful! Also, I’ve been divorced, so I understand a lot of what my clients go through.”

Board certification is an unbiased measure of an attorney’s abilities from experience, competency, skills and not to mention they must pass a 6-hour examination. Li’s achievement sets her apart from her fellow lawyers and as legal areas get more complex, clients will seek out those professionals that have received board certification.