Choosing The Right Divorce Attorney Requires Thought

Whether you’re the one who initiates a divorce proceeding or the spouse being served with divorce papers, it’s important to find a family law attorney who you trust. When searching for the right attorney it’s advisable to interview each candidate and find one that’s compatible with you. Seek a family law attorney who will keep your bests interests at the forefront of the matter.

Your Best Interests in Mind

Communication is the foundation of any strong relationship. Your attorney should communicate with you regularly, regarding what to expect and how to prepare. And you want an attorney who is experienced with the legal matters in your case, as well as the courts and legal jurisdiction. First and foremost, as our client, you will receive candid, honest, and plain-spoken advice with your best interests and those of your family first.

Guidance Throughout the Legal Process

When a divorce involves children, you and your attorney must consider any special circumstance surrounding child custody.  Some of these circumstances include:

  • The timing and amount of child support payments,
  • Acceptable visitation agreements,
  • Your Parental responsibilities,
  • And what to do if the other party neglects any of their responsibilities.

Your attorney should strive to ensure the decisions related to a child are based upon what is in the best interest of that child. As your attorney, we will guide you through any required assessments such as a home study, depositions, or mediation. And we will defend your right to parent and be involved in your child’s life.

Honest & Complete Communication

Texas is a Community Property state, meaning there are specific guidelines regarding property belonging to the individual spouses prior to marriage and during the marriage. In addition, these guidelines cover any property purchased and owned by both spouses jointly during the marriage. Your attorney must follow these guidelines.

In addition, your attorney will consider situations where divorce may require one spouse to seek work for the first time, or where one spouse was the primary earner of income and provider for savings and retirement during the marriage. Given my background and experience, we will guide you through these decisions and advise you on the best course of action to overcome the complexities you may encounter.

Valuation & Property Division

If your divorce involves the dissolution of a business or the separation of business interests, then your attorney should have experience not only in divorce and family law but also an understanding of accounting. As your attorneys, we have expertise in both family law and accounting and will advise you on how to value and divide your business interests.

Experience, Trust & Commitment

It will benefit you greatly to have an attorney who has experience sorting through the complexities of the legal arena. In summary, your divorce attorney should:

  • Advocate for your best interests,
  • Provide effective guidance throughout the entire legal process,
  • Communicate honestly and completely about the strengths and weakness of your position,
  • Understand how the statutes classify personal property from community property and negotiate for equitable division,
  • Be someone with experience, who you trust, and have the commitment to fight for you.

Get the Representation You Deserve

With more than a decade of expertise in family law, we have a proven record as a trusted legal counsel to our clients.  At Li Family Law Group we are family law attorneys and divorce litigators.  We have successfully counseled many clients in divorce and property division.  Call us a call at 214-620-7001, or contact us online to arrange a confidential consultation today.