Today, I’m sharing an article from Forbes magazine, “Six Must-Do Financial Steps for Women Facing Divorce.” This article was written by Jeff Landers of Bedrock Divorce Advisors in 2011. The advice that Mr. Landers provides is sound, relevant, and still helpful today.

Divorce and Finances | Seek Financial Advice From A Financial Expert

…tackle your finances first…

July, 19, 2011
Forbes Women – Jeff Landers, Contributor
Read his full article here.

Landers’ advice is to “tackle your finances first.” He details six steps that women should consider in order to prepare for a divorce. These six steps are as follows:

  • Take inventory of all financial documents and records.
  • Begin securing funds for legal and other professional service fees.
  • Open new accounts in your name.
  • Obtain a copy of your credit report.
  • Open a Post Office box.
  • Make any necessary changes to your Will, Medical Directives/Living Will, etc.

Landers works for Well Fargo Advisors and holds a Certified Divorce Financial AnalystTM (CDFA) designation which he obtained from the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts after studying law at Pace University School of Law.

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